About Dovebiz Consultancy

Dovebiz Consultancy provides knowledge and help on how prospective Business Entrepreneurs can start and run their very own  non-franchised Nursing and Care Agency Business in England, without the huge cost of a franchise and on-going management fees. We understand the financial burden involved in setting up a business, that's why our mission is to help our clients Start their Nursing and Care Agency on the right track with little Investment as possible.

The Person Behind Dovebiz Consultancy

The Consultant, Gladys Tosh-Mbeledogu is the Owner of Dovebiz Healthcare, a Specialist National and International Healthcare Recruitment Agency providing  General registered Nurses, Specialist nurses, Nurse practitioners, Nurse consulants,  General Practitioners (GP’s) and all levels of Doctors in all specialities to the National Healthcare Service (NHS), Private hospitals, and other Healthcare Organisations all over England on a permanent basis. The International section of the agency places foreign doctors, GPs and nurses into Healthcare Organisations in England.

 Gladys has years experience in Recruitment, Sales, Business, Marketing and Management of Recruitment Agency businesses. Her Recruitment Agency journey started in 1998 when she opened her first Agency supplying Nannies, Au-pairs, Mother's help, Cleaners and Carers to private clients. After running this Agency for a Year, she decided to expand to office staffing supplying Administrative Support, Executive Assistant, Services Administrator, General Office Clerk, Secretaries, Office Clerk, Office Manager, Office Manager, Office Support Supervisor, Receptionist, Senior Administrative Coordinator, Senior Administrative, Senior Coordinator, Senior Executive Assistant Support Assistant etc. to Offices. A year later, she added Information Technology . Since at this time she knew a thing or two about IT (Information Technology). 

In the year 2000, she decided to add Nursing and Care Agency to her Agency operation. As it became clear that, there was a shortage of Nurses in the UK and other parts of the world. However, She encountered a lot of problems with the Nursing Agency startup because, it was not like other Recruitment Agency business. It is specialised and licensing was required. You need a license before you can operate in the United Kingdom and you have to go through some rigorous stages to obtain that license. 

She started looking for information on how to start this Agency but, could not find any and the only avenue available to her was to buy a Nursing Agency franchise, which she was not prepared to do as she wanted to own her own business . Along the way, She was lucky enough to meet a few people who had experience in this field and they pass their knowledge to her and her Nursing Agency busienss was born. Her learning experience did not stop there, she also learnt a lot while running the Nursing Agency itself. Since this time, she has undertaken other Recruitment Agency ventures which has been quite rewarding.  

Gladys Tosh-Mbeledogu (Consultant)

Over the years, she has met a lot of people who kept asking her on how to Start and run their Nursing Agency business in the UK because, they lack the necessary knowledge and did not want to go through the FRANCHISING ROUTE just as she did not want to years earlier. So she decided to put together a Nursing Agency Setup Service for those people who needs help setting up their Nursing Agency business. She also provides a backup Support Service to clients who need that extra help.  

If your dream is to own your non- franchised Nursing and Care Agency in England, then you have come to the right place, please go to our setup service and see how we can help you. Thank you for visiting this page and wanting to know more about us.

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